Meta Freecity

Meta Freecity is the central part of the Sobrinans Metaverse continent, that is, the first choice, the origin of future urban civilization, commerce, and entertainment.
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Meta NFT DAO Web3.0 Game


Pioneer will be enlisting the Sobrinans Metaverse, combining DAO mechanics with land resources to explore a pioneering version of NFT-Fi's Metaverse platform.

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OeGuy is a market-making DAPP for the decentralized token governance community. It is a decentralized application based on Web3.0 and an eco-type product that undertakes to link NFT-Fi.

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Meta Dao

Meta DAO is a decentralized pass-through governance community application that provides users with AFIC's value-added revenue and equity escrow DAO mechanism to build a community platform with POS governance mechanism.

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In preparation, stay tuned.

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Origin is a kind of battle game of RPG role-playing, fighting, ranking, hatching, cultivation, etc. based on NFT Metaverse battle type.

In preparation, stay tuned.

In preparation, stay tuned.


GEE is a consumable resource token for the Meta Freecity platform that can be acquired interactively in the Meta Freecity application scenario. It has deflationary and inflationary configurable mechanisms with a DeFi active siphoning growth engine.


Airdrop IDO Whitelist Public Placement Auction Marketplace
Scene Payment
Scene Interaction


AFIC tokens, as the governance token of Meta Freecity platform, will be fully circulated in Meta Freecity's scenario interactions and will be mainly used to purchase rare resources, participate in DAO mechanism and DeFi products.


P2e/NFTfi Staking DAO


Scene Interaction out of Mine Airdrop IDO Overflow Early Investor

Scene Interaction

Purchase Resources









Complete the overall design and 2.0 model of Meta Freecity, and successfully open the basic version of the experimental model.

Meta Freecity-Pioneer is online.

The first-phase alignment and second-phase route correction of the hybridization with Sobrinans core design.

NFT visualization and multi-scene interaction PRG/GameFi-Origin.

Meta Freecity 3.0 released updated version, inclusive and product side update.

Disclose the official Meta Freecity roadmap, complete secondary financing, institutional recruitment and resource integration, and start a new technical iteration of Meta Freecity.


Alexander Ganzedda Chief Executive Officer

Alexander has a double degree in Information Systems Management and Digital Imaging Media. He was a partner of Unispess Blockchain Venture Fund and Director of Blockchain Technology Development.

Lisa Tanase Chief Marketing Officer

Director of ONIN Brand Service Provider, 3 years of continuous transition to many head brand incubators, 1 year of blockchain marketing experience covering privacy computing, GameFi, public chain, etc.

Bruce Harridge R&D Engineer

Technically oriented complex talent. Specializing in JavaScript, Solidity areas including NFT, Metaverse, Prophecy Machine, Mining, etc.

Lara Taylor Senior Consultant

Highly self-driven senior blockchain consultant with rich project experience and unique insights in different fields such as DAO, NFT, GameFi and DeFi.

Sasha Jones Senior Product Designer

Been responsible for the whole process design of several blockchain products from 0 to 1 for mobile and web products. Involved in product concept design, detailed design and related research.

Kris Shinkle Backend Engineer

He started trading BTC into the blockchain world in 2014 and is an expert in parallel finance and chain tour Play to Earn games mechanism on DeFi, Polkadot.


Meta Freecity


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